Design Services



A brief conversation with a member of our design team can often answer many of your general questions and get the process started. This is usually a phone consultation. This call is most effective when the customer can supply a few photos and rough dimensions of the existing

During this conversation, we'll gain an understanding of your project, along with your initial wish list. By the end of the phone consultation, our designers can often provide some general pricing for your project. Many customers find this useful in determining their next step.


on-site appointment

The next step in our design process in an on-site appointment. This is an in-depth, 1-2 hour appointment that provides the designer with much of the information needed to create an initial design. There are some key objectives for this meeting:

Client Interview

This will allow us to collect additional information about the project, or clarify information that was provided during the phone consultation.

Site Evaluation

We'll spend much of the appointment evaluating the site. This includes drawing out a base map of the project site, including all necessary dimensions and grades, taking note of soil conditions, confirming access routes to the site, and taking site photos.

Initial Sketch

We'll often be able to work out a quick hand-drawn sketch or design concept during this meeting and leave a copy of it with you.


By the end of the appointment, and depending on the complexity of the project, we can usually provide an estimate or ballpark pricing for the design concept. It is not uncommon for the customer to sign a contract at this point, with a follow-up appointment scheduled at our design center.


follow-up appointment

This is when your project really starts to come together. During this appointment, you'll visit our showroom and we will present a completed design for your project. This is the time to provide feedback and discuss changes to the design and provide your approval.

Next, we will go over the various material options you have for your project. You'll get to see and touch product samples, and we'll make recommendations that meet the requirements of the design, as well as complement your personal style.



At the end of this appointment, we'll sign a contract and collect a 1/3 deposit to reserve your spot on our construction calendar. We typically book projects 8-weeks in advance. Design Services can include anything from a quick hand drawing to an elaborate 3-D model that can be walked through in virtual reality.

The diagrams produced by our company are proportionally drawn to a measurable scale. A simple walkway project may not need more than a hand drawn design. The diagram for a large pool patio project, however, usually requires a multi-layered CAD drawing in order to handle all of the information that is needed to get it built. Once a plan view is produced it can be made into a 3-D model for easier visualization. A 2-dimensional drawing can be difficult to understand sometimes, so a 3-D representation of the design can be a huge help.
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