Sitting Walls and Pillars

This type of wall is usually double-sided and free - standing. Used to help define an outdoor living space, the lines of a sitting wall enhance the geometry and design of the patio or walkway it is built beside.

Create the effect of a courtyard for your front entrance with sitting walls and pillars placed at the front gate. When placed around a fire feature, a double-sided wall gives additional seating for relaxing around the campfire.
Pillars are like an exclamation point. They are used at the end of a sitting wall or can often be found welcoming guests into your home from the end of a driveway. They look great beside a set of steps and help as a transition from one level to the next. They can act as a pedestal for a stunning flower pot of annuals or can be wired for a coach light.

Designing the perfect outdoor space can be a tedious process filled with questions and decisions. We understand that some of the choices may not be easy for a homeowner. To help you get started in your design process and brainstorming, we've designed a short quiz to help you identify what you like and don't like when it comes to your new outdoor space.
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