Water Features

Do you enjoy the soothing sound of a mountain stream?

Water features come in many different shapes and sizes. No one should deprive themselves of the sound of moving water because of budget or space constraints or even imagined amount of work and care that a water feature could take. There are great options for every situation.

The sound of moving water can be achieved in many ways from a simple fountain or bubbler flowing into a pondless reservoir to a more elaborate waterfall tumbling into a small pond.

Capture the cooling effect of a water feature in your yard. A water feature with a pond works best if you have an ecosystem where the water is naturally balanced instead of treated with a lot of different chemicals. The ecosystem usually includes a good mix of fish and plants. A pond can take a lot more care than a pondless one if the ecosystem is not set up correctly or unbalanced. Once a pond is in balance the care is fairly simple. Keep an eye on it while you feed the fish. Because the fish need regular feedings you will be outside interacting with the water often. This makes it easier to detect major changes from day to day and react to issues as they arise.

A pondless water feature is usually one that requires less care and attention. There is no standing water. There is usually an underground reservoir where a pump is located to feed a waterfall and stream or a more decorative fountain piece. Water features are a great addition to your backyard living space. We install pre-constructed elements such as water fountains and fountainscapes, as well as custom ponds, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls and bubbling boulders. Not only can water features add great appeal to your living space, they also create a soothing environment and can help drown out the noise of busy roads or neighbors.
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