By adding a built-in grill or kitchen island. A fireplace always adds a touch of elegance to a patio, while a more casual campfire ring or fire pit gathers folks around. Water features lend a cooling effect to any outdoor living space with the gentle sound of moving water. Extend the hours of enjoyment you get on your patio each day by adding low voltage landscape lighting tocreate an ambiance that can be enjoyed from inside and out.

Interlocking concrete pavers are quickly becoming the paving surface of choice. There are hundreds of styles, colors and design details that Lanier Landscaping can customize for you and the way you live your life. We’ll work together to finalize the design details that will make your project a work of art.
There are many different styles, colors, and patterns of concrete pavers that can be installed to complement and enhance a property's style. Pavers are stronger than ordinary or stamped concrete. Stained or broken pavers can be easily replaced without patches. Pavers can also be used for vehicular or pedestrian applications.

Concrete paving units are particularly durable with higher densities than typical concrete and a better resistance to de-icing salts and compounds and freeze-thaw cycles. Small, high-density units resist cracking as well as damage from freeze-thaw cycles and salts.

Smooth surfaces allow for easy snow removal. Darker pavers help snow melt faster. Snow-melt systems can be easily integrated to eliminate snow and ice removal.

Poly sand as we sometimes call it, is a joint sand that has a stabilizing polymer mixed in that prevents it from migrating or escaping the joints of an interlocking concrete paved surface. It is the biggest contributor to a low-maintenance stone installation because of its ability to harden up and prevent weed seeds from germinating and taking root.
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