Snow Maintenance

When your customers are glued to the weather forecast, we're already in motion for your business with our snow plowing plan. Lanier Landscaping services properties from coast-to-coast with pre-storm services, such as salt applications to parking lots, sidewalk clearing, and parking lot plowing during the weather event. Our operations center anticipates the need of every single client property to make sure no winter storm ever catches your business off guard. Costs are controlled and downtime eliminated since you're relying on the largest snow property services company in the country.
We're Ready for Anything
Lanier Landscaping resources easily respond to Mother Nature - even when thousands of sites are simultaneously impacted by multiple weather events. We staff our operations center to anticipate the needs of every client in the path of each winter weather event. We relocate our field-based Market Managers, crews, and equipment to ensure availability in the impacted areas. As the largest national snow removal company, Lanier Landscaping is the only one that can manage corporate portfolios for both snow and landscape maintenance.

Regular, Real-Time Communication
With the potential of multiple sites being impacted by winter weather, you have high expectations around communication. Lanier Landscaping’s experience in snow and ice property management has established high standards for our communications protocols. Ahead of the event, Lanier Landscaping’s Service Channel snow application provides near real-time updates on site conditions across your portfolio. During the weather event, you receive regular update calls and reports, including early morning 'pre-opening' updates to validate that sites are serviced and ready for staff and customers. An online portal also provides the information at your convenience. You'll never wonder what's going on as we arm you with all the information you need before and during the storm. Reports include smart phone check in/outs, including photos, event status reports for open readiness, and work order status reporting.
Proactive Storm Response
Lanier Landscaping invests heavily in weather technology and also partners with a leading meteorological consortium, WeatherWorks, to give us and our clients advanced notice. Seventy-two hours in advance of a storm's arrival, we send bulletins to customers and crews to set expectations. During our daily weather meetings, BrightView determines if we need to relocate staff or equipment in response to the nature and duration of the event. During the storm, our crews constantly communicate with Market Managers to monitor ongoing conditions. This open line of communication helps anticipate the need for additional snow plowing, deicing, snow hauling, or identifying hazardous conditions. Our proactive approach will give you the confidence that your locations will remain safe and accessible during all weather conditions, while maintaining your brand image.

Open for Business in Winter Weather
Staying on top of a storm's progress ensures your property will be cleared as soon as possible so you can restore normal operations quickly. With constant communications before, during, and after the storm, we keep you updated and in the loop.

National Facility Services Across the Industry 
Lanier Landscaping provides national facility services, including snow and ice management, for properties across the United States. Our customer base spans retail, banking, healthcare, grocery, and other industries. Our snow services include Snow Plowing, Snowblowing, Snow Hauling, Deicing (salt, calcium, and brine), and Loader Services, as well as National Landscape Maintenance Services.

Economic Snow Solutions to Improve and Control Spend
Managing individual local contractors for all of your properties negatively impacts store operations and cost control measures. Lanier Landscaping is the largest snow property services company and our scale allows you to do more with your snow management budget. Your Lanier Landscaping team consists of snow experts, operation center staff, and local Market Managers who work together to oversee each of your sites. You gain improved visibility, reduced costs for snow and ice management, and economies of scale.
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