Retaining Walls

A retaining wall acts as a stabilizing force to help prevent soil erosion and protect your yard. They can also add depth to your outdoor space and give you more room for your landscaping.
Our experts can design custom retaining walls with materials ranging from natural stone to informal boulders for your outdoor space this season.

Retaining walls are the most commonly used vertical design element in a landscape. We love helping home or business owners make better use of their space. By ensuring that the proper drainage is taken into account, we can build retaining walls of any size that will last for decades.
Modular block walls are dry-stacked systems that can generally tolerate movement and settlement without causing significant structural distress at the face because the modular block units may move and adjust relative to each other. These walls are inherently flexible allowing minor differential movement without compromising the structural integrity of the wall. This contrasts with more rigid retaining structures such as cast-in-place concrete and conventional mortared masonry walls. ROSCH utilizes a variety of modular block systems, including but not limited to Omega, Venture, Versa Lok, Keystone, Allan Block, Rockwood, and Anchor.

Modular block units offer the site designer flexibility with respect to retaining wall locations, wall layout, height, and constructability. This typical small size and weight of modular block units permit the construction of walls in difficult access locations. Modular block units offer the designer ability to incorporate tight curves or corners at a site and satisfy other complex architectural layouts. They are also easily constructed around trees or other site features.
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