Land Clearing

Lanier Landscaping is a forward-thinking leader in the pipeline and utility maintenance industries. We believe in a culture of continuous improvement in both our best practices and in safety. Creating a mindset that good is never good enough and that safety is the ultimate priority has allowed Lanier Landscaping to achieve a tremendous safety record and high customer satisfaction.

For our clients, maintaining a brush-free Right of Way is a critical part of our jobs. And by brush free, we mean ROW that has a clear view from ground to sky. Think about overhead power lines and underground pipelines. Our pipeline customers rely on Lanier Landscaping to ensure there are no trees above their pipeline and that there is a clear view to the sky for routine aerial patrols. Our utility clients rely and heavily depend on us to keep the Right of Way clear to ensure reliable service to their customers, help control service costs, and promote safety both on the property and for those working on it.
Try to imagine emergency crews who need to get to an area that is masked with brush so thick they need heavy equipment to make their way through. With Right of Way in this type of condition, crews can’t do their jobs timely, effectively or safety. Crews can’t adequately locate or even access the issue at hand, making necessary repairs more than challenging. Not to mention, this is where the added cost comes into play. The longer it takes crews to do the job, the more money it ends up costing at the end. Outside of the emergency need for clearing, our services are needed to ensure the ROW is removed of trees whose roots can damage the pipeline coating and canopy trimming to allow for aerial patrols.

By clearing everything from pipeline and railroad to electric utilities and roadways we have helped our customers build a successful ROW Clearing program that focuses on long-term results, flat-line budgeting and a perfectly maintained Right of Way.
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